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Family Alchemists™ are conscious parenting professionals that are certified to either coach or advocate for clients.  They are skilled in psychology, eastern philosophy, healing modalities, coaching, self care, special needs, or therapy.  They have experience leading, coaching, teaching, and–most importantly–applying the concepts of conscious living and reaping its benefits.

Each Family Alchemist™is an independent business owner that may have their own website, social media, processes, and pricing.  Clients that find them through The Family Alchemists pay them directly for coaching services.


Benefits of Becoming a Family Alchemist:


As a Family Alchemist™, you will be recognized as an expert in Conscious Parenting and Living.  You can start your journey in coaching or advising right away, and add additional certifications and specialties to your portfolio over time.

You’ll benefit from the collective power of a professionally-built brand so that you don’t have to dedicate more than half of your time to marketing activities, which is normally the case for new coaches.  You’ll be able to do what you love instead: spend most of your valuable time serving others.  You can depend on your peers to also deliver exceptional content, creating a trusted brand you’re proud to be a part of.

Because each lead goes through a matching system to find the right coach based on their needs and life experience, there’s no competition.  Each prospective client receives their ranked results to pick from so they have the ability to choose who resonates most with them. You will also be tapping into your ideal client through the content you share to our followers!

Additional benefits include:


  • Collaborative content development so you don’t have to spend hours creating content for social media or email marketing to engage your audience (a $500+ value per WEEK if your hourly rate is $100/hour!)
  • The brand’s existing professional marketing copy, graphics, and tool development (a $6,000+ value!)
  • The ability to self-promote weekly via social media posts, blogs, or emails directly to The Family Alchemists’ audience
  • Collaboratively created Resources to provide to Branches you may work with; Education, Healthcare, and Family Law
  • A community of professional colleagues ready to offer you support to develop your coaching skills
  • Advertising for The Family Alchemists (a $200+/month value!) that is paid for by the brand to bring you leads and clients
  • A 17hats account ($45/month value!) so you can easily run your business; with professional lead forms, scheduling, contracts, questionnaires, a client portal for each client, organization of email per client, workflows, homework assignments, and more
  • Exposure to a growing customer base and the momentum of an entire team behind you
  • Marketing of you and your services
  • Listing on an intelligent matching system that delivers you clients pre-qualified to most likely be a great fit for you to work with
  • Business support and guidance so you can establish a professional presence and learn best practices 
  • 25% discount on additional business support available including website design, graphic design, and copy writing from our trusted professional support team (see below)
  • The use of our professional graphics and logo on your collateral and your own advertising for as long as you are a member
  • Affiliate listing of your conscious products (including books you’ve written) for our online store and/or subscription-based delivery
  • *An online platform to build and host your webinars, courses, and online training programs – a $79/month value!
  • *The ability to co-create courses with other professionals in your specialty or for the Branches (with profit sharing after fees)
  • *The opportunity to co-create courses for The Family Alchemists to use with your clients (with profit sharing after fees)
  • *This option requires a higher-tier membership level.


That's More Than $800/Month in Value!

The Branches

The Branches

The Branches

Planned Future Benefits to Include:


  • Listing on our site for organizations in the Branches (Healthcare, Education, and Family Law) to find your services as a coach or course facilitator in your area
  • Optional opportunity to be listed in a coach-on-call platform for clients in immediate need of assistance (based on availability)
  • Professional mentoring and support from seasoned coaches
  • Offering of your services and/or course content as a benefit Corporations can provide for their employees

The possibilities are endless!  If you are passionate about creating REAL change in this world, then The Family Alchemists is the right choice,  making it possible for you to get out and serve!

Are you passionate about Transformation That Matters?  Apply today!

-Beth Rowles, Founder

Conscious Coaching Business Alchemy

Looking for tech support that already knows what you’re all about?

Let me handle tech so you can focus on the families and individuals you serve!

The Family Alchemists Members receive a 25% Discount.

Website Alchemy

Are you just launching and need an online presence? Or do you already have a site that just doesn’t feel like it really represents you?

Let me build your perfect website so you can focus on coaching!

A La Carte Pricing

  • Website in a Box: $500 (Members $375) (Home, About, Services, Contact, Blog/Other)
  • Custom Page Design: $250+/Page, up to 2 Revisions Overall (Members $188+/Page)
  • Website Maintenance Plan: $25/Month (Members $18.75)
  • Updates to Existing Pages: $40/Hour (Members $30/Hour)

Social Media Alchemy

Managing Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter on your own? Tired of feeling lost or not having a cohesive look? Let me help you craft a plan, create graphics, manage ads, and more!

A La Carte Pricing

  • Social Media Canva Templates: $50/each (Members $37.50/each)
  • Strategy/Mentoring Call: $135/Hour (Members $100/Hour)
  • Virtual Assistant/Set-Up Tools: $34/Hour (Members $25/Hour)
  • Copy Writing/Posting Management: $34/Hour (Members $25/Hour)

Client Booking Alchemy

Is your Client Booking Pathway non-existent? Wondering how to build trust and create value? 

Let’s work together to craft the right content to take your tribe from fans to clients!

A La Carte Pricing

  • Website Quiz Development: $340 (Members $255)
  • Opt-In/Lead Magnet Development: $340 (Members $255)
  • Strategy/Mentoring Call: $135/Hour (Members $100/Hour)
  • Landing Page: $150 (Members $112.50)
  • MailChimp Set-Up: $40/Hour (Members $30/Hour)
  • 6 E-Mails Series Copy & Setup for: $950 (Members $712.50)

Business Alchemy Packages!

My New Presence $720 (Members $540)

  • Website in a Box (Home, About, Services, Contact, Blog)
  • Social Media Graphics (2 Headers and 4 Templates)

My New Launch $1200 (Members $900)

  • 2-Hour Strategy Call
  • Opt-in (Quiz or Free Guide)
  • Landing Page, MailChimp Set-Up
  • Existing Website Updates (Copy and Photos Only)

My New Business $2457 (Members $1842)

  • Website in a Box (Home, About, Services, Contact, Blog)
  • Social Media Graphics (2 Headers and 4 Templates)
  • 2x 2-Hour Strategy Call
  • Opt-In (Quiz or Free Guide)
  • Sales Funnel – 6 Emails
  • Integration of Acuity Account into Website
  • Set-Up of Branding and Invoicing on 17Hats

Mailing Address:

1135 W. Western Reserve Rd

STE D #128

Youngstown, OH 44514

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