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Hi Friends, When I created The Family Alchemists in 2018, I had a really big vision and mission of connecting people to the resources they need to grow. I have so many amazing professionals in the Conscious Parenting space as friends and was determined to help them...

How Recovery Principles Pave the Way to Conscious Parenting

Applying the 12 steps to my parenting helped me practice boundaries, communicate with integrity and ultimately BE loving and tolerant.

Conscious Communication Skills

In times of great social change, we look for the things we can control. We may not be able to predict the future for ourselves or our teens, but we can control how we communicate. The way we communicate reveals what we value and how we value it. I longed to connect...

How to Save a Marriage

So, you’re an empath married to a guy that treats you like a queen – most of the time. But those times he’s angry? You question if you’re more like your mother than you thought. You worry that his behavior is going to hurt your kids and that you’re being irresponsible...


When I have a chance to actually discuss the topic with clients, it is very simple to explain my view of spirituality, understand my clients’ perspective, and come to a common ground semantically (and often philosophically). I notice I regularly attract people who...

Helping Your Kids During Coronavirus Social Distancing

Dear Brave Ones: Of course, we’re scared. That means it’s the time to be gentle and compassionate with ourselves and others. Can you imagine how scared our kids are? Their routines have been disrupted and they miss their teachers and friends. They have less control...

Out of the race

From the moment we are born, we are part of a race we never wanted to be in, we are measured by milestones and compared endlessly with any peers we share our life with. We are numbers in charts and checkmarks in lists of accomplishments, in other words, we are what we...

Mindful Parenting Through the Everyday Stresses

In the fast paced world of parenting where decisions are made in between spilled cereal, constant questioning and smartphone apps, it is no wonder the word mindfulness is becoming as necessary in a parent’s vocabulary as the word nap-time. And yet, for many,...

What our children ask of us

Our children ask so little really. Listen to my discoveries and ideas. Look through my eyes to understand my world. Feel my love, joy, frustration, pain. Hold my hand, my heart and me close. Be careful with me and understand me. I may feel off sometimes, when the...

Elf on the shelf, Magic of well-behaved kids?

I was already familiar with conscious parenting when the Elf on the Shelf became popular a few years ago, I found out about it when my kids were toddlers and I heard stories about him moving every night and being a fun addition during Christmas time. I was excited to...

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It's 2020 and everyone is talking about transformation. You are overwhelmed and maybe a little scared. You have a tween, teen or launching young adult!
  • Perhaps you are tired of walking on eggshells around your tween, teen or launching young adult?
  • Maybe it's the disrespectful communication from your teen or teen drama, that triggers you?
  • Or are you secretly afraid your child won’t make it as an adult?
I felt all of this and more until I awakened to a new mindset and practiced respectful communication skills. The more I tried to control my two young daughters when they first entered their tween years, the more friction and distance their was between us. When I learned to share vulnerably from my heart with them, they drew closer to me and sought my counsel and support naturally. I learned to listen so my teen daughters would open up and I learned how to share my heart in an authentic way that made them want to listen to me. In fact, those former triggers I had about sassiness and teen drama, became the things we used to connect deeply. I learned how to read the "disrespect" I perceived as their own fear, and we got to the root of it, together. I learned when to engage and when to let go. We grew closer as a result. I was able to support their launch into young adulthood. It wasn’t always easy and it was sometimes messy. There was a divorce and family illness in the mix and the time I spent as a single parenthood was tough. But today we have honest, mutually respectful relationships. Even as young adults they seek my advice. I want to support your parenting journey and offer you the mindset and skills that I learned to you, to help you grow the close relationship you long for with your child at every step of their development and I want to support you to learn how to grow your own rich relationship with yourself so you are ready when they launch to enjoy all life has to offer. What is Relationship Coaching for Parents and Tweens, Teens or Launching Young Adults? Coaching sessions occur online at a time convenient to you. You learn how apply the communication skills I teach to not only support your teen's growth but grow ways to become your most authentic self. I am passionate about helping parents and teens co-create the relationships they truly long to build together. That’s why I became a parent coach to help families (even those in difficult times of transition) to cultivate a more peaceful home by communicating heart to heart. The approach is called conscious co-creation. It focuses on growing the awareness and skills that parents and teens need to jointly build the relationship that work for both. I can help you get Back on Track with your tween or teen. Recently, I've been helping teens launch to college or their next stage of life also. It includes making adjustments to college life. What issues do you deal with? Parent and Teen Relationship Coaching: I help establish respectful communication and overcome communication barriers and breakdown. For Parents: I help parents in conflict, navigating divorce, co-parenting, single parenthood and how to embrace and enjoy your empty nests. For Tweens, Teens and Young Adults: I help with parent problems, homework hassles, digital dangers, dating and substance abuse. I am also a chemical dependency counselor. I have even helped teens deal with the pressures of college life or a new job. How Can I Help You? I offer individual or group coaching packages. I have also written a book with sample conversations of conscious communication and exercises at the end of each chapter, titled How to Raise Respectful Parents: Better Communication for Teen and Parent Relationships What can I expect? No blame, just support, skills building and a few suggestions for a complicated world! I offer a free Back on Track Assessment Call. If we are a match, you can enter private coaching or online group coaching. Contact me at 956-250-3689 or email, If time is of the essence, consider my course, Tune Into Your Teen by Tuning Into Yourself. You can find it in The Family Alchemists University. What are other parents saying? Laura has helped me tremendously as a parent coach! My teen son and I were estranged following difficulties with his father. And the counselor we were going to, was unable to coach me to be able to reach my teen, beyond the fences and hurt walls that he'd placed between us. Laura stepped in and with great kindness, understanding and wisdom, was able to get me to change my entire approach to parenting my teen son. Our relationship underwent a radical change as I started implementing her suggestions and advice, and he and I are now affectionate with each other, communicating about big and small matters, without any blocks, and building trust again, thanks to Laura's knowledge and coaching, she has so professionally, kindly and generously shared with me.  -Priya B., mother of teen son Laura was a Godsend to me. With all I learned, I feel a sense of calm empowerment for the first time in YEARS! I even feel a sense of calm about my teens’ future. Before, I felt my life was flooded in chaos, but she helped me practice positive communication skills that conveyed my heart. I always looked forward to our next session. I highly recommend her! -Linda E., mother of twin teen daughters
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"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all kindness and professional expertise, Laura. I found your description of how you are enjoying watching your daughters blossom into who they're meant to be, was eye-opening for me. I am faithfully carrying out your teaching." Pryiya B. "I felt like I was living in chaos before I started coaching sessions with you. Now, I know how to let go of what is not my responsibility and take care of myself. I know it is setting a good example for my teen daughter because she is now pausing and meditating or doing yoga to deal with her anxious moments." Linda E.
Meet Our Family Alchemists!
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Applying the 12 steps to my parenting helped me practice boundaries, communicate with integrity and ultimately BE loving and tolerant.

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In times of great social change, we look for the things we can control. We may not be able to predict the future for ourselves or our teens, but we can control how we communicate. The way we communicate reveals what we value and how we value it. I longed to connect more deeply with […]

Helping Your Kids During Coronavirus Social Distancing Photo of kids kissing their parents
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Dear Brave Ones: Of course, we’re scared. That means it’s the time to be gentle and compassionate with ourselves and others. Can you imagine how scared our kids are? Their routines have been disrupted and they miss their teachers and friends. They have less control over their lives than we do! We have a special […]

A Course for Parenting Teens
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My own conscious parenting journey led me to clearly see that every time I tried to control my teens, it didn’t work and isolated us from each other. Conversely, every time I shared my heart, including my fears without defense, we grew closer and solved problems together. I learned the difference between attempts at parental […]

Define Your Parenting Purpose for a Mindful Holiday
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In the upcoming holiday hustle and bustle, it’s so easy to stress out and also stress our relationships. Let’s pause, breathe, center and reflect on our parenting purpose for a mindful holiday. Psychology says the purpose of parenting is to provide a healthy bond for the child and thereby, become the foundation to launch into […]

Teens Are Responsible For Their Thoughts, Actions, and Feelings
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When my girls were little it was easy to soothe and comfort. My presence to meet their needs was “a given.” As their abilities grew, they took on more and more responsibility for their own care. When they became tweens and then teens, I tried to practice boundaries with them. They would remind me when […]

Report Cards are Coming: 3 Choices Process to Help with Homework Challenges and Communication with Your Teen
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Life is hard. Becoming a responsible young adult is one of the hardest stages of life. As parents, communicating that we are supportive and present to help can go a long way to co-create mutually beneficial solutions together and lay the foundation for happy relationships. Unfortunately, most of us didn’t grow up with consciously communicating […]

How to Create Habits of Life-Long Learners
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Back to school preparations go beyond school clothes purchases and new backpacks filled with #2 pencils and spiral notebooks. Creating and supporting the habits of life-long learners is the best investment you can make in your child’s academic success. The Parent Institute, the U.S. Department of Education, and the non-profit, Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) have […]

Parent Help Coaching Education Teen Laura Lyles Reagan Avoid the Back to School Morning Rush and Create Connection
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Stop that!  Be quiet!  Quit playing at the table and eat breakfast! Behave!  Hurry up; you’ll be late!  How many times do I have to tell you, get your backpack ready before you go to bed? It’s easy to slip. When we are rushed to school and work, we may find ourselves yelling these phrases […]

Surprising Teen Conversation Starters
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One of the hallmarks of conscious parenting is the tenet that our children are their own divine independent growing souls with their own agendas. They may need our love, guidance, support, and affirmation for their soul’s journeys; but they do not need our projections. That’s why we have to do our emotional work and be […]

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