Out of the race

From the moment we are born, we are part of a race we never wanted to be in, we are measured by milestones and compared endlessly with any peers we share our life with. We are numbers in charts and checkmarks in lists of accomplishments, in other words, we are what we...

Mindful Parenting Through the Everyday Stresses

In the fast paced world of parenting where decisions are made in between spilled cereal, constant questioning and smartphone apps, it is no wonder the word mindfulness is becoming as necessary in a parent’s vocabulary as the word nap-time. And yet, for many,...

What our children ask of us

Our children ask so little really. Listen to my discoveries and ideas. Look through my eyes to understand my world. Feel my love, joy, frustration, pain. Hold my hand, my heart and me close. Be careful with me and understand me. I may feel off sometimes, when the...

Elf on the shelf, Magic of well-behaved kids?

I was already familiar with conscious parenting when the Elf on the Shelf became popular a few years ago, I found out about it when my kids were toddlers and I heard stories about him moving every night and being a fun addition during Christmas time. I was excited to...

A Course for Parenting Teens

My own conscious parenting journey led me to clearly see that every time I tried to control my teens, it didn’t work and isolated us from each other. Conversely, every time I shared my heart, including my fears without defense, we grew closer and solved problems...

Season of Love

We are so apt to forget that the motivation behind the holiday season is... Love. Love in all its forms, languages and expression. Love, engaging all senses, from smells in the kitchen to the sense of magic in the air. No matter what stress, busyness or even feeling...

Doing nothing is harder than you think

Tantrums and meltdowns are one of the hardest things to handle as parents, it brings all sorts of feelings, fears, insecurities and a high level of anxiety. The confusing part is to understand where this is coming from, most parents believe it comes from the child,...

Creating an Intentional New Year…

JOIN ME FOR THIS ONLINE EVENT. Do you ever feel like one year blends into another as time flies by? Does your New Years Resolution to be a more conscious and patient parent feel like a struggle? New Year Intentions are deeper than goals or resolutions as they use your...

Love is a circle

Love is a circle, and however wonderful the process of loving and appreciation is, and however uplifting and rejuvenating the process can be, the circle is completed when we remember that we too are loved. When we allow ourselves to receive the love that surrounds us,...

3 Tools to Calm in the Holiday Rush

I’ll be honest, when I first started on the road of  "conscious parenting", I had no idea there was a term for it. I’d never heard of “attachment” parenting or “positive parenting"… all I knew was that when I got mad or frustrated with my children it felt horrible…...
Christina Fletcher

Alchemical Experience

Areas of personal triumph where transformation was possible & achieved:

  • Trust 52% 52%
  • Emotional Body 78% 78%
  • Boundaries 94% 94%
  • Love & Connection 76% 76%
  • Communication 78% 78%
  • Intuition & Clear Sight 20% 20%
  • Wisdom & Spirituality 18% 18%

Learn More About This Family Alchemist

Christina Fletcher is a Spiritually Aware Parent Coach and Energy Healer who specializes in helping parents become heart-centered and aligned to their highest vision of their parenting and of themselves.

Through her background and training in religious and self-development studies, as well as spirituality and conscious parenting, Christina helps parents dive past the “shoulds” created from their upbringing and society, and release beliefs that hold them back to create authentic, connected relationships with their children, and themselves.

Using mindset techniques, practical spiritual tools such as simple meditation, the law of attraction and positive focus, as well as her training and gifts as an energy healer, Christina gives space for a mom or dad to drop into the feeling of satisfaction, alignment and relief, so they can tune in to what their children truly need and work from a centered perspective.

She gives practical and spiritual advice on how to tune into a child’s perspective as well as concrete tools to pass on self-awareness and mindful living to children as young as 3, so authenticity, emotional awareness, communication, and connection can be the foundation for the whole family.

Christina is a homeschooling mom of 2 daughters, (ages 16 and 15) and a 9-year-old son. She is happily married to her husband Jeff.

When their girls were born 10 months apart, Christina parented as she thought she “should.” Scheduled feeds, nights of pacing the floor with crying babies, and getting mad as they got older, she knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and in tears through those early years.

It wasn’t until her girls were 3 and 4 that she decided her happiness mattered and that she wanted to have fun again. The change transformed everything, creating a powerful relationship with her children which is stronger than ever now that they are teens.

When she was pregnant with her son, she became passionate about creating a spiritually aware pregnancy, and her connection with her son prior to his birth was crucial through some family tragedy taking place at that time. This later became the topic of her first book. Christina is passionate about helping parents create deep relationships with their children, from birth until fully grown. But she also knows that deep relationships with others can only be formed from a deep relationship with yourself, so through courses, coaching, and her writing, she offers tools for the entire family so they can truly become self-aware and present as everything they really are.

Type of Coach/Mentor

Parenting, Life or Personal Development


Parents mindset and temperament, meditation, mindfulness the law of attraction, energy healing, belief reprogramming

Coaching Since

November, 2015



First Language


Second Language


"I have been blessed to have worked with Christina Fletcher for the last year or so in closer detail, after following her page for more than 7 years. Joining the community and working through the gift of the course of Stepping into your light this time last year was amazing. I truly was in the darkest place I have been in and was so ready to light myself up. I have worked through the material 3 times now and every time I have discovered more and more about myself that is light and worthy of love, and it has changed and grown and impacted my relationship with my children and my husband in ways I could not have imagined. I then was blessed to do 5 coaching sessions with Christina in 1-2-1 work followed with energy healing and I can only describe that as true magic. I learned so much about myself, and was able to get to a place of true transformation because of the way that Christina led me inwards - to build upon and connect the skills I already had and to see my own light brighter than I ever could imagine it - and to shine that without fear ( most of the time). She has true gifts of transformation which she generously shares with others - so they can discover for themselves their own magic - and I know that is having such positive impact in families all round the world. I am always so excited to engage in her ideas and offerings in the group and I am amazed at how far I have come since this time last year when I first started on the inner light course.. I would truly recommend the courses and offerings she has to anyone as it has enabled me to change my life. And that is the difference I think with Christina's work - she helps you find the tools you need to change your own life, to trust your own ability and intuition. All the time she is there speaking truths and hearing your moments and holding your hand as you shift. She is truly magical but instead of fixing you - she leads you to your own healing. I had a session with Christina on Wednesday this week, and I’ve been trying to put into words how powerful it was—and continues to be. Not only did she share practical advice for lasting change, but there was a palpable shift in my energy that i am still feeling, and there was a beautiful shift in the energy of our home as well. It gave me the connection (to Spirit and my higher self) that i needed in order to make some changes I’d been hesitant and fearful to make. I also really love how caring she is, and how consistently she communicated before and after our session. I can’t recommend her enough. If you’re thinking about scheduling a session with her—do it! You won’t regret it."


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